Do you have a pet (dog, cat, pocket pet, reptile, farm animal, horse, bird, etc) that you are unable to care for?  If so, you can submit this form giving us information about the pet.  We have limited intake, as we must have foster homes and funds for each animal prior to intake.  Making a monetary donation, having the pet already current on vet care, and/or being willing to foster until adopted all help increase the chance we can take in the pet.  However, even if you can do all of this, it does not guarantee intake.  Likewise, we can sometimes take in pets without a donation or foster offer, if we have extra funds or fosters at that time.

Because we receive so many requests to take in pets, we cannot reply to them all.  If we are able to help, we will reply, but if you do not hear from us within a week, you can assume that we are not able to assist at this time.  We recommend you reach out to all the area rescues simultaneously so that you have the best chance of getting help with rehoming a pet, especially if you are needing to rehome the pet quickly.

High quality photos are very helpful as we will use those to reach out to potential foster homes prior to intake.  It is highly unlikely we can help if there are not photos attached to the intake request.

Click here to fill our Surrender Animal Form