Donate To Crossroads Animal Rescue:

We are always in need of donations, whether monetary or donations of supplies. Click on the link on the left to donate via Paypal. Monetary donations can also be given over the phone by calling 864-972-9906 and speaking with the Crossroads Animal Hospital receptionist. Donations can also be mailed to Crossroads Animal Hospital, 8409 West Oak Hwy, Seneca, SC 29678. Make the check out to CARE.

CARE is a 501C-3 non profit, meaning all funds are required by law to go into a CARE bank account. This is used to pay expenses for CARE. There is no “owner” of CARE – it is operated by a board of directors who are not paid to operate CARE or be on the board. Board members could be paid if they provide a service for CARE but only an amount that is reasonable for that service. For instance, Dr. Jordan boards the CARE horses at her house and she provides fencing, fertilizer, grass hay, and water. Boarding facilities typically charge $200-300/month/horse for this. Dr. Jordan is paid $50/horse/month, so she is paid considerably less than standard fees. Board members do not profit from being on the board or being involved with the rescue – it is done as a service to help the animals we care for.