There are many opportunities to volunteer with CARE. We have periodic fundraisers where we take adoptable dogs and puppies to locations in and around Clemson, where people can pay a small amount to play with a puppy for a period of time. We also hold regular adoption events, such as the Petsmart Adopt-a-thon weekends, at pet stores in the surrounding areas.

Other day-to-day volunteer opportunities include puppy socialization, where people can visit one of our two locations and visit with a puppy, walk him or her on a leash, etc; training nights where small groups of individuals can assist in training our puppies and dogs basic commands like sit, stay, lay down, etc. under the guide of an intern, and hiking trips, where individuals can take a puppy or dog to trails in the upstate area for the day and hike together.
Occasionally, we have animals such as dogs or horses at our Farm location that need to be fed, as well. Approved regular volunteers may assist us in doing so, as long as they are shown the proper safety regulations ahead of time.

We are always in need of more volunteers! Please email or call us to hear about all current volunteer positions. We love all the help we can get!
Click on the links to fill out the volunteer consent forms (you will bring them with you on your first day to volunteer) for Dogs & Cats or Horses.

Equine Riding Liablity Waiver

Canine/Equine Liability Waiver